Digital-A Stable Field For Education & Occupation?

Digital is the next big thing for India. Surely Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji has made it quite obvious by rebuilding a Digital version of India alongside a unit of like-minded change bringers.

Don’t you think that ‘Digital’ is eventually becoming, a stable field of occupation and education?

This blog will focus on bringing light to the exponential growth of Digital in India and talk about where it stands when it comes to education and occupation.

Digital Marketing - How Much India Needs It?

To own a website, a mobile app or an e-commerce site is not quite the trend lately. Infact, quality web presence is rather a mandate now. Now is the stage wherein individuals and businesses are understanding the value of the internet and are working on it even more by offering even greater, well-tailored customized solutions to a varying set of audience.

Artists, writers, photographers, distributors, merchandisers, service providers, etc., all of them are now blessed with the power of the Internet and Digital Marketing and have a platform solely for showcasing their individual talents to the world. Sure, India needs it. With its power, India will thrive to a digitally savvy future. Now let’s separately talk about digital in education and as an occupation.

From analog to digital, learning has been quite a journey, especially for those who’ve lived the best of both worlds. They understand how dramatic use of the internet can be today, however, people beg to differ whether its a boon or a bane. After all, overexposure to everything has its own pros and cons.

From learning to teaching, with digital stepping in, education has become more intuitive. Learning is now more fun, insightful and factually appropriate. Storytelling is an art, now more than ever before. At the same time, digital allows creativity to nurture at another level. The sky's the limit for those who know how to make the best of the power of the internet to better themselves.

As for colleges and universities, many of them have already inculcated elements of Digital in their programmes and are looking forward to heavy enrollments for such, futuristic programmes. Teerthanker Mahaveer University offers specialized programmes with a key focus on Digital Marketing.

Digital As Occupation

Since every company today aims to diversify their brand while reaching out to a wider audience through the internet, it is quite easy to foresee the numerous job openings that come along. Roles such as Copywriter, Social Media Marketer, SEO Expert, Graphic Designing, Content Strategist, Product Developer, etc. are some of the hot roles thriving in the industry.

So the question is, do you think it makes sense to go about the Digital way and be part of the sub-culture? Do you think you’ve got the x-factor in you to become a digitally savvy entrepreneur, or are you one already?

Stay tuned for more interesting blogs from the best private university in India.

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